Hair Straightening


Service Price
Short Hair $ 250
Long Hair $ 350
Regrowth $ 100
Relaxing $ 175

Do you want to get a lustrous look for your hair? Get your hair straightened by expert hair specialists without damaging your hair. The fantastic service of turning wavy and curly to life-changing smooths is offered not without prior consultation. Straightening treatment is given for all lengths and types of hair. Whether you have short or long-curls, our quality treatment will smoothen up your hair entirely.

Our Hair Straightening features:

  • Prior expert consultation
  • Selection of the most suitable method
  • Premium quality products
  • After care instructions

Our hair straightening services also cover hair relaxing and re-growth effect treatment. Our experts will carry out initial consultation before selecting the straightening method. Be it ionic or thermal re-conditioning or chemical hair straightening method, we are firm about using premium quality products to save your hair from damage. Your hair will be treated by experienced and qualified hair specialists.

We know how precious are hair for you and hence, we take utmost care while treating your hair. No chance will be taken when it comes to the care of your skin and hair. Our experts will perform a strand tests to check the suitability of your hair to a specific hair treatment. Hair Sity does end its services with the end of the treatment. Our clients get all after care tips for the optimum results for a longer time. After straightening, you will be tipped with best hair care products to keep up the luster and condition.

Enjoy getting up every morning with a silky feel of your smooth and straight strands. Anytime you need re-growth treatment or after-care services, our team will be at your service. The prior consultation will help you to get best out of the investment you put into for your hair. Whenever you want to go curly or return to straight, just rely on Hair Sity beauty salon!