Blow Wave

Blow Wave

Service Price
Short $ 35
Medium $ 45
Long $ 55
Express Dry Off $ 25
Hair Up $ 80
Curls $ 50

Get ready to be blown away at Hair Sity! Make your hair look glamorous at simple and affordable prices. Book your appointment with our skilled hair stylists for blow wave hair treatment. The stylish blow wave hair treatment will make people fall in love with your hair. Get out of the stress of managing with dry and frizzy curls.

What is Blow Wave

The blow wave hair treatment makes your hair smoother and more manageable. Hair are washed and treated with the latest and safest blow drying technology. Our blow wave works well for treated hair including highlighted, coloured, and bleached hair too. It also goes well with once straightened hair, relaxed, and permed hair.

How Hair Sity Blow Waves Makes Difference?

After the treatment, you will get rid of dull hair and unruly locks. The keratin protein used in the treatment makes your hair healthy. Our valued clients are also given tips to maintain the effect for longer time. Our experts will also give you tips on using best quality products after the treatment. Hence, the rejuvenation added to your hair will be loyal for a longer time.

The duration for blow wave is generally 30 minutes or more depending upon the length of your hair. But our trained and experienced hairdressers understand your hectic schedules and give best hair care in minimum possible time. We are also mindful of your budget. Our prices will let you enjoy our services with greater frequency. Experience, skill, and latest trends go hand in hand at Hair Sity beauty salon. Call us or book online appointments to get immediate service of dry blow wave, express dry off, curls, and hair ups.